Sunday, February 17, 2013

Eberwhite Social Notes

Lola the dog is the houseguest of Elsie the dog
while Lola’s family is visiting the South,
accompanying Elsie on daily tours of the
neighborhood and quarrelling noisily in the
backyard. Treats have been plentiful and gnawed
chunks of rawhide freely shared and exchanged
add to their enjoyment.

Johannes Brahms, Albumblatt .
Craig Sheppard, piano.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

dizzy gillespie planking the piano, ca. 1947

It's Dizzy Gillespie month at the Creekside Grille so here is the bass part to "Two Bass Hit", the Ray Brown feature.  
I forget what Dave says about why these parts even exist.  It's a good part but does not correspond to this INCREDIBLE RECORDING, which comes from the invaluable YouTube posting of 78 rpm collector SwingMan1937:

Here again culled from the contributions of VDiscDaddy on Youtube is Dizzy's "Grand Central Getaway", performed by the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra on V-Disc 391 from 1945.