Monday, July 28, 2008

I had a real treat last week performing at Zingerman's Roadhouse with
5 Guys Named Moe, subbing for their regular bassist Erin. There was a tune in their book (thanks for the book, Erin!) called Tuttles, so maybe the tune above is it. I found it on an interesting site called The Session.

The main reason for this post is because I have been putting off re-upping the Raybeat's "It's Only A Movie". Here it is on Mediafire. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Click on the Bud Powell pic for a WinRAR archive of the Bud Powell Trio at Massey Hall in Toronto, May 15, 1953. Along with the quintet recordings from the same concert, my pick as the greatest live jazz recordings ever made.

The sound quality is really awful and four of the trio tunes are actually a session from New York with George Duvivier and Art Taylor, according to the Jazz Discography Project.

But you can hear what's happening, with the musicians muttering and calling to each other, a crazy sounding crowd, and a performance by this pickup band that is absolutely telepathic. It's like a cryptic, condensed interstellar transmission of jazz DNA.

My favorite thing is the misterioso intro to "My Heart Stood Still".

Upcoming gigs:

Wednesday July 9 at Zingerman's Roadhouse with the Treetown Swingtette.
Wednesday July 23 at Zingerman's Roadhouse with Five Guys Named Moe.
Thursday July 24 in Canton with the II-V-I Orchestra.
Sunday July 27 at the Creekside with the II-V-I Orchestra.
Thursday August 14 somewhere in downtown Chelsea with Trio Indigo.
BTW I posted the Bud Powell tunes on Megaupload but when I went to test the link I got pictures of "girls to date in Ann Arbor" on the download page so I switched to Mediafire.