Monday, June 13, 2011

pix from Saturday's dog walk in Eberwhite Woods:

Hummingbird on line. I teased Joe by telling him I had this great shot of a hummingbird then showing him this where the bird is like about 12 pixels. I've seen this guy almost every time I go through the woods lately but before when the community garden was here you could sit for a few minutes and see several. They're pretty hard to pick out unless they're sitting on the wire.

I love this one. It's the only sassafras plant I've seen in Eberwhite Woods in 15 years of bushwacking. If anybody else knows where there is another sassafras plant in Eberwhite Woods I want to know.

This is the meadow where the community garden was replaced with a detention pond, landscaping, bushes and local plants. There's a vine running wild and engulfing the grasses and the sumac.

Here is the vine. I tried dragging this image into Google Images hoping that it would magically be identified and it didn't work at all.

Trail clearing in the woods after some big storms. This was an arch over the path until they cut it. 6 good size trees appeared to go down in one event.

Another trail clearing spot. This is actually where the tree trunk was broken 25 feet up and suspended horizontally from another tree for a year as documented in this Facebook album.

Here are some tunes to go with a walk in the woods:

Paulinho Nogueira, Sem Mais Adeus
Jean Sibelius, Idyll from the 10 Pieces Opus 24
Mily Balakirev, In the Garden

...and this addendum from the next weekend, when I was admiring the little sassafras
bushes in the shots above, this is what I would have seen if I had looked over my head:

Them're sassafras leaves. Turns out there are two main bushes about 15 feet high or so. You can see their trunks in the middle of this shot, sorry for the bad focus:

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Click on the cover for a 46 Meg ZIP file of an Alvino Rey album I found at the Kiwanis Sale today. It is a nice set of ballads with orchestra and a vocal group.

Two iconic local signs that have vanished in the last few months: