Sunday, January 15, 2012

The II-V-I Orchestra recently performed Duke Ellington's
Sepia Panorama, with a famous Jimmy Blanton bass part. Here is the video, if only to humbly acknowledge that I crashed and burned in the last 8 bars. We were playing the piece from a "Jazz at Lincoln Center Library" transcription by David Berger. Here are PDFs of the 2 page bass part:

page 1
page 2

and here is a hastily scanned cut up of the "hard parts":


I think the transcription is wrong in the last eight bars. Here is their version of the last eight:

...and here's mine:

The only thing left to do is make PDFs of the part with my edit inserted. I'll do that in the next couple days but right now my kid wants on the computer and I'm gonna go run around Eberwhite Woods in the snow a couple times before my rehearsal tonite.


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